10 Tips to Select a Good Contractor

10 Tips to Select a Good Contractor You’ve heard this talked about a million times…So what makes this information different? The truth…nothing but the truth. Like most “safety nets” designed for consumers to click on, type in and gather information, most will never do it. It’s just easier if they make a decision based off …Read More

Home Maintenance Tips

Home maintenance tips that you may want to consider checking or installing in or on your home for the new year heading into Spring! “Houses are like humans in a way; they need general home maintenance just like we need good nutrition! Keeping up on home maintenance has proven to be less costly in the …Read More

Heat Tape

Heat Tape    Roof heat tape or heat cables whichever you prefer to call them, can be a benefit to your home for sure. The basic purpose for heat tape is to reduce or eliminate ice dam backups on the house at the unheated eave edges. To keep water outside your home in the winter, …Read More

Federal Tax Credits with Energy Star Rated Windows

UPDATE-UPDATE- Great news since my writing of this original blog. There are (as of right now, don’t know how long this will be available) local and Federal tax credits or rebates for 2014 at least for Washington, Idaho and Oregon…Please check this link. What are Energy Star Rated standards for windows? Having a U-factor of …Read More

How to Remove Snow off Your Roof with Correct Equipment

How to remove snow off your roof with correct equipment is very important to understand before you decide to go be a hero. In many areas of the country, snow buildup on rooftops is a very serious concern and can be very dangerous in several ways. Be careful because it can cause some serious health issues …Read More