Roofing Inspections

Roofing inspections

roofing inspections

Having your roof inspected annually, when you have trees overhanging is a good way to preserve your roofing investment!

can mean many different things and can vary substantially.  We will discuss two types of roofing inspections.

  •  A city or county inspection by salaried official of the jurisdiction to the area where the structure is located. Here is an example of what they are looking for . This official will inspect the scope of the work to be done. After the existing roofing has been removed BUT prior to the roofing being installed.  At this time the roofing inspections consist of the wood deck inspected and verified that it is of sound condition to be roofed over. Then it is discussed how much rubber ice & water guard is to be applied on the eave edges. How many roof vents will be installed and other important items pertaining to meeting code. Next, the roofing installation can proceed. After the roof installation is completed the inspector is called out to verify everything from drip edge, chimney flashing, roof vents to proper roof nailing. 
  • Another type of roofing inspections that are requested is an inspection requested by either a homeowner, buyer, insurance company, mortgage company or real estate company prior to listing a home.

So lets get back to the first type of inspection for example. When a customer contracts (enters into an agreement) to have Inland Roofing & Supply install a new roof, (by Washington State Law, AND as required by any licensed contractor in Spokane City or County) we call to the permits department and purchase the required permit to install the new roof.

The purpose of this permit is to get  “unbiased roofing inspections” by an official to verify that we are in compliance with all current roofing codes. This is a huge advantage to you and insures you that Inland Roofing is going to comply with local building codes. We call the inspector once the roofing is removed to come out and inspect. Once this official verifies that we are providing correct “re-roofing” methods and protection to the structure, they “OK” us to proceed and apply roofing material.

After everything is completed on the roof, Inland Roofing calls the inspector back to come out and “verify” that everything has been installed as per code. Next step for the inspector is to record such “passed or finalized” permit into the city/county records.

This is very important so if you are ever purchasing a home, and the seller tells you or there appears to be a newer roof on the home. Call the City/County and verify that a permit was taken out for this new roof AND the permit was recorded as finalized.

“This is very important that the permit was approved and finalized. If no permit was taken out or not finalized, that is a huge “red flag” for you. An incorrectly installed roof can cost you 10’s of thousands of dollars!”

Now back to the Second type of inspection for example. We have many requests for roofing inspections on roofs that we did not install. We can be hired to come out to a structure and assess in our opinion how much roof-life is remaining and if there appears to be any obvious problems that we think you should be aware of in the immediate future. Many times, this is for a purchaser to obtain a new mortgage loan on the structure. Loans typically will not be granted if the roof looks like it should be replaced within 5-8 years (depending on the lender.) We are very thorough in our reports to you and give the party paying for the assessment, a written description of what we find as well as some pictures to help document our findings.

Please call us 509-535-1566 or use our contact form to have one of our roofing inspectors contact you.

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