Flat and Low Slope Roofing


TPO rubber roof between house and garage breezeway


a low pitch roofing deck requires expertise and special roofing material designed to handle potential ponding (or standing of water.)

  • There are many houses in Spokane and vicinity that have lower pitched roofing areas. This is actually quite surprising because of the amount of rain and snow Spokane typically gets annually. There are many areas where a low pitch or flat roof might exist; carports, garage breezeways, wooden patio covers, older homes that have low pitched valleys or porches that extend from the steeper roof down to virtually no pitch.


To determine what type of roofing material you need to meet proper code for your home you must know the pitch (or slope) for the roofing deck and we’re going to keep this basic here.

  • The important number to remember is 3/12. This is the minimum pitch or slope a roofing deck can be in order to install composition roofing shingles on it. This means the roof needs to have a slope going down (to drain water off it) of at least 3″ per foot for every 12″.
  • Anything less, the material must be certified to a specific degree of lower slope installation down to completely flat with no slope that can sustain standing water.  For more specific details on roof pitch.


The warranty’s for flat roofs are not very long (from 5-20 years) due to the fact that usually when you are installing this type of roofing, it may (in places) have standing water which plays a huge roll in shorting its life period.

Warranties are typically 10 years. So be aware, although you may have a warranty, it will not be similar to a regular higher-pitched roofing shingle.

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