Insurance Work

Insurance Work

has kept Inland busy for over 50 years. At the same time, Inland Roofing has been listed with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating for OVER 50 YEARS, (view our outstanding record with the BBB) since 1955 to be exact! With that said, we know how to work with and communicate with your insurance agent!

“Inland Roofing has over 21,000 satisfied customers”

We are also a “Preferred Contractor” with Owens Corning. Check our credentials out with them!

We can help with your insurance claims from hail, wind, rain or snow call your insurance company first. Each insurance company is different with respect to what they expect you, as the homeowner should do next!  Once you know the steps you are to take. Then give us a call at 509-535-1566 or fill out your information on our contact us page.



Wind damaged soffit

  • roofing
  • siding
  • soffit
  • fascia
  • skylights





  • HERE’S A TIP; Take pictures right away before you move anything. Documentation is very important to protect you so that you do not take away some sort of evidence to prove your claim. You certainly don’t want to get denied!
  • Once you have the “go ahead” from your insurance company and hopefully a claim number, call us at 509-535-1566 or fill out your information on our contact us page. We will come out as soon as possible and give you an estimate to repair or replace the damage.
  • We can work directly with your insurance agent by phone or, in fact we will be happy to meet with and communicate direct with your insurance agent in person.
  • Once your insurance company understands that you are considering hiring a company like Inland Roofing that has been in business for over 75+ years, most insurance companies respect that type of seasoned professional and can expect that everything’s going to be processed correctly.

Tarped until weather permits


  • Inland will create a work-to-be-done proposal for you with the costs to repair or replace.
  • We will submit this to you.
  • Next, you can talk with your insurance company and hopefully they will give you the go-ahead right away.
  • At this point, for example, we may simply “tarp” the area temporarily for you depending on the weather.
  • Then, come out when agreed to fix the damage.




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