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Roofing shingles

have come a long way over the years in fact check it out right here, Roofing Shingle History since 1901

There are many choices for roofing shingles. I will give you an overview of some of the most common types of roofing you have heard about.

You are obviously closing in on a decision, so I feel compelled to help narrow things down for you with regards to selecting a contractor…It is worth your while to check your contractor out on the links below.

  • No matter what type of roofing material you decide on, one thing is for certain. If Inland Roofing & Supply is going to re roof your home, we will be obtaining a permit! This is REQUIRED by every contractor in the state of Washington but many don’t get one. Read more to understand what the permit is for.

We’ve all heard of “Composition Roofing,” this is basically the name of what the batch of materials consists of to make up a roofing shingle. A composition roofing shingle is made up with several select materials like asphalt, tar, and some fiberglass and granules to name a few. Consolidating this mixture of materials creates a strong-durable roofing shingle.  Some people still ask for the composition roofing shingle but we know they really mean a roofing shingle. So with that said, I will name the 3 basic types of the most popular shingles

  • 3-tab roofing as the name implies, refers to how the manufacture makes the shingle. It is a long piece of roofing material roughly 36” inches long and 12” inches tall. This roofing shingle is then sliced into approximate 1/3 widths but not all the way up to the top. This is where the “3 tab” name comes from and the purpose was to create a design or special look to resemble something such as a flat slate staggered look because as you installed them you “offset” each course going up the roofing deck so the tabs did not line up and this would make the sliced lines staggered.
  • The Laminated shingle or as some call it, the dragon toothed shingle.
  • The Architectural or dimensional shingles are a step up in “engineering” because some of these these roofing shingles simply look like slate roofing tiles from a distance but they are in fact made of the same material as the laminated roofing shingle
roofing shingles type 3-tab

3-Tab roofing shingles

This 3-tab roofing shingle material was very popular up until around the late 70’s and was simply called the “asphalt shingle” as well. The 3-tab roofing shingle is still available in many colors but the demand is much less.

The Laminated or Architectural roofing shingles are the most popular because of the structural integrity they have due to typically having two (or more) pieces of roofing material glued together called “lamination.”

The aesthetics or looks of these shingles have the appearance of a wood or slate roof because with the two pieces laminated together it gives it a second layer-thickness shadow line. These are created by the sun combined with the shade given off at certain angles because some of these Laminated shingles are so thick!

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